【Version update details】
The latest version of Android: V1.4.0
The latest version of iOS: V1.18


【Main update content】
Mobile update content:
1. It is recommended to add a self-selected currency;
2. The K-line sub-picture of the market can be cancelled;
3. Add cryptocurrency comparison;
4. Add a cryptocurrency converter;
5. Add cryptocurrency market analysis;
6. Add a cryptocurrency trading market;
7. Support Solana ecological chain transfer transactions.

Update content on the web:
1. Add Twitter card, Facebook sharing function;
2. Add market classification and group filter conditions;
3. Header and mobile terminal multi-language selection UI style changes;
4. Click the exchange list on the Token details page to quickly go to the exchange;
5. Click the Token contract address on the Token details page to quickly go to the block explorer;
6. Add contract search function;
7. Optimize the interface display of large-screen mobile devices such as iPad;
8. Optimize the UI problem of the Token supply progress bar;
9. For currencies with a lower unit price, the trend line scale value is converted from scientific counting to a more readable decimal.

【Version update method】
Android users: Update it in the APP or download and install it on the official website https://bullcoin.finance/ .
iOS users: Download through the overseas App Store, and the Mainland China ID needs to be downloaded or updated with Testflight.
BullWallet download address: https://bullcoin.finance/download

Please make sure that all wallet mnemonics have been properly backed up before upgrading
Do not divulge the private key and mnemonic to anyone
Follow us: https://bullcoin.finance/