【Version update details】

The latest version of Android: 1.2.1

The latest version of iOS: 1.13

【Main update content】

1. Support OKExChain, Hoo Smart Chain;

2. Optimize the interface;

3. 23 new DApp applications.

【Version update method】

Android users: Update it in the APP or download and install it on the official website https://bullcoin.finance/.

iOS users: Download through the overseas App Store, and the Mainland China ID needs to be downloaded or updated with Testflight.

APP download address: https://bullcoin.finance/download

【About OKEChain】

OKExChain is an open source high-performance decentralized transaction public chain developed by Ouyi OKEx, which aims to promote the implementation of transaction business based on blockchain technology. Through OKExChain, the value interoperability, user interoperability, and scenario application interoperability of the blockchain can be realized simply and efficiently, and finally achieve the co-construction of the ecosystem and build a value-added system.

【About Hoo Smart Chain】

Hoo Smart Chain (HSC) is an open source blockchain project. HSC gives each participating node the same rights, which allows users to freely build decentralized applications, including Defi products, DAPP, digital assets, etc. In addition, HSC can simply and efficiently realize the value interconnection of each block chain through the cross-chain module, so as to jointly build an ecosystem and a value-added system.


Please make sure that all wallet mnemonics have been properly backed up before upgrading
Do not disclose the private key and mnemonic to anyone
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